Pre-paint Cleaner TSP Substite QT

Krud Kutter 32 oz. Prepaint Cleaner/TSP Substitute cleans and deglosses prior to painting. No-rinse formula wipes-on and wipes-off. Use on all existing paints, varnish, lacquer and polyurethane so new paint adheres better. Also works to prep walls prior to wallpapering.
Safely removes dirt, mildew, old wallpaper paste and wax from painted or unpainted wood, metal or vinyl wallpaper for superior top coat adhesion
Covers up to 75 sq. ft. per 32 oz. bottle
Wipe-on, wipe-off formula cleans and de-glosses in 1 step
Paint or coat over when dry to the touch-usually within 10 minutes
Wide coat over window provides ability to recoat anytime after 10 minutes up until a week later
Non-toxic formula provides a superior clean without using bleach or ammonia
Environmentally friendly formula is safe for people, pets and plants
Do not use on porous or non-washable wallpaper