Ultra Spec Exterior Acrylic Stain

  • A professional quality acrylic latex stain with a rustic matte finish that provides a breathable surface for maximum durability. This formula is resistant to peeling and cracking. It provides excellent color retention, hiding and adhesion.
    Key Advantages:
    Offers excellent film durability and hiding while being resistant to color fading. It's easy to apply and has good long term flexibility. Ultra Spec Exterior Acrylic Solid Color Stain may also be used on unglazed brick, concrete, stucco, cinder block, and incidental primed metal surfaces.
    1. Durable Finish - Resists fading, cracking, and peeling
    2. Excellent color retention - Color stays truer, longer
    3. Mildew resistant - Resists the growth of mold and mildew
    1. Ultra Spec Exterior Acrylic Stain SDS (0450)
    2. Ultra Spec Exterior Acrylic Stain TDS (0450)

Please be advised colors on screen may vary from actual paint.Tinted product is not returnable.